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unwind before you tie the knot!

unwind before you tie the knot!

 I am thrilled to encourage and support happy couples in experiencing and enjoying one of the biggest events of their lives!

  • I'll bring my massage chair to your hotel or apartment and while you get ready, you also get relaxed.

  • 10-30 minute massages for everyone

  • 5-30 minutes of meditation or yoga, as a group or privately

  • Custom aromatherapy to deepen the effects of your de-stressing activities

  • We will co-create your program in advance so you don't have to think about it at all once I arrive.

  • Packages begin at $350 for 2 hours

My skilled and sensitive bodywork will ease nerves and melt your stress away, so you’ll feel balanced, calm, and ready to celebrate. Releasing any tight muscles will free up your inherent energy and happiness, so you can be present throughout your special day and truly feel the love surrounding you. In addition to massage, I also offer group yoga classes and personalized essential oil blends to round out your relaxation experience. Services are also available at rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Check out my recent testimonials:

HanaKyle added a most delightful and calming touch to the pre-wedding hubbub of our big day. She gave a half-hour massage to me and several members of the wedding party. We made the bridal suite a quiet zone for a couple of hours and all took turns receiving expert care from HanaKyle, personalized to each of our needs, including massage and aromatherapy. She even let my dad take a quick nap afterward :) Then she also took care of the best man with some chair massage out in the yard where setup was just wrapping up. She provided and held a space that allowed me to settle down and become introspective for a little while and prepare mentally for my wedding. Her touch and professionalism is steeped in experience, knowledge, and intuition. She really listened to my body and gave me exactly what I needed. It set me up for the whole rest of the day to be physically, mentally, and emotionally grounded - ready to soak in each moment of the most beautiful day ever! Thank you, HanaKyle!!
— Julia B.
HanaKyle was an integral part of our wedding experience because her touch and her presence was so effectively able to slow down a day that promised to rush right by. She showed up to our rental house with specialized vials of essential oils that she used during the massage and we were able to smell them all day as a reminder to be present and mindful. The massages were timely, thoughtful, and soothing. I wish HanaKyle could be present at all important events!
— Andie & Lauren
Andie & Lauren, getting ready for their big day with chair massage, and blissfully present with each other post-ceremony. Yay!

Andie & Lauren, getting ready for their big day with chair massage, and blissfully present with each other post-ceremony. Yay!

My husband and I had HanaKyle massage us and our bridal party the day of our wedding and it was incredible! She came to our separate rooms as we were getting ready and provided each of us with a welcome break from the commotion of the big day. She was helpful in determining the schedule and how the massage would fit into our busy day. She provided each individual with work that addressed their situation (from the maid of honor who was 8 months pregnant, to another who had been dealing with chronic illness, to me, who just needed to get out of my head and into my body.) She is an amazing listener and seriously talented massage therapist (I am one too, so I am picky!!) My husband and I, along with each member of our bridal party, all agreed that having that session with Hanakyle prepared us to be fully present and joyful for the rest of the day and into the evening. I would highly recommend HanaKyle’s wedding day massage package!
— Kristen W.
Concerned I would not be able to find a moment of respite on the most important day of my life, HK’s pre-wedding massage was truly a gift. Moments into the session, she had pin-pointed tender and overworked muscles in my neck and back, alleviating pain that I’d developed over the previous weeks and calming my jittery nerves. Her gentle care and soothing touch put me at ease within minutes and the unique essential oil blend she used (mixed especially for me) added a really nice personal touch. When the massage ended, I felt a lightness akin to an hour-long yoga class. I was relaxed, present and fully able to take in the love and joy and that would envelope me and my wife on our wedding night.
— Alexander W.