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Movement Meal Mini Retreat

We’ll start by spending about 2 hours moving, breathing, and relaxing in various ways. My movement sessions are shaped by the people in the room, and your input, requests, and preferences, but here’s what I’m planning so far: 

  • Massage tight muscles with various tools like tennis balls, to address pain and tension.

  • Stretch in the style of yoga.

  • Strengthen with safe and fun full body moves.

  • Rest in physical shapes and positions that facilitate deep relaxation and spaciousness.

We’ll work a tiny bit harder than we want to, while keeping it safe, because that’s where resilience shows up (and those muscles that keep us moving around all day without pain). We’ll finish by resting to welcome integration and transformation for your whole self. You'll leave with specific tools and techniques you can do on your own, anytime.

Emmet says: Our meal together with be a collaboration between chef and diner: platters will be passed and lifted; you'll get up from your seat for another scoop of grain, reach over a shoulder for an extra dollop of sauce, you'll eat pickles with your hands and wipe juice from your chin. Talk with your mouth full of stewed things, feel the snap of a tangy ferment, take in the colors. The food will celebrate the approaching winter season, showing off slow-cooking and fortifying roots. Let's eat! 

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