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The Body Hotline


Ever tweak something at the gym and not know what to do about it?

Do daily activities bring on new discomfort or pains?

Feel like you don’t fit in yoga but know you could work out at home if you only knew what to do?

Want to find a way to bring movement into your life despite a knee injury (or similar)?

The Body Hotline has answers for you!

Introducing The Body Hotline: build your exercise expertise and decode your movement dilemmas through individual, unlimited Q & A.

friendly online coach

The Body Hotline’s unique service includes:

  • Unlimited consultations via app with a multidisciplinary movement maven, HanaKyle, with more than 10 years of experience as a massage therapist, yoga teacher, personal trainer, and more

  • Ongoing response time 5 days a week, 10am-10pm EST, and no hold music

  • Support in understanding and responding to your body’s signals and needs

  • Customized action plan for your unique body, time frame, injuries, lifestyle, and goals

  • It’s really easy: just press the button to record and send a voice message

  • Send text messages, photos, videos, links, and attachments through app

  • TBH’s broad referral network will support you in the resources that you need— it’s all about community! 

  • Add-ons to the basic service include skype sessions or even meeting in person in NYC

With over a decade of in-person experience with all kinds of real people, HanaKyle and The Body Hotline understands bodies and better yet, will help you to determine what and when and how to do movement and exercise that is specifically for YOU and makes your body and mind feel good.

The Body hotline IS:

  • your personal trainer

  • your massage therapist

  • your yoga teacher

  • the person to call when you tweak something

  • a toolbox of self-care solutions

  • highly knowledgeable about muscles and how they work

  • deeply understanding of the ways all bodies are different

  • here for you when your back goes out

The body hotline is not:

  • a doctor

  • a nurse

  • a dentist

  • an emergency room

  • a psychotherapist

  • a physical therapist

  • an herbalist

What people are saying:

“I enjoy HanaKyle's personal and smart approach to body questions and challenges. I feel heard and supported, and I'm learning a lot! I think that your bright and open personality and clear, concise communication style set you apart from other health professionals I've worked with, and that's part of why I enjoy The Body Hotline!” - Aly, Brooklyn, NY

“. . .a great resource, knowledgeable, non-judgmental, but directive.” - Callie, Brooklyn, NY

“My favorite part is the caring, no-shit-taken approach of yours. I don’t feel that I can make excuses, and you are very *real* with your feedback. The feedback and advice are also usually really simple.” - Lia, San Francisco, CA

“When something doesn't feel right in my body, I tend to get nervous and panic. . . I worry that I'll always feel this level of pain forever, or that my situation won't improve. Having someone to confide in about my body challenges has been wonderful--after hearing from HanaKyle, I feel more optimistic about healing, and more informed.” - Aly, Brooklyn, NY


  • I haven’t exercised in a decade. Am I too out of shape? Listen, the beginning is my specialty. I am prepared to be your biggest cheerleader, and set you up for success by creating a plan with you that suits your timeline, goals, lifestyle, and preferences. 

  • Do I need to belong to a gym?  Nope! I love designing programs using the space and/or equipment that you already have. You don’t even need to buy anything new to get started.

  • I don’t want another app on my phone. I feel you! My phone is full of apps. What I love about Voxer, the one that we’ll use, is that all of our communications are together in one feed, and that makes them easy to access with continuity. No more losing the message or the workout or the instructions!

  • I only want to meet in person, can we do that? TBH is an online platform, but I do offer Skype/facetime sessions, and if you’re in NYC we can meet in person. Send me a message, and let’s discuss. Other premium membership options are in development.

  • Can The Body Hotline fix all my problems? Probably not, but we can definitely work towards your goals together.

  • I’m too busy. Okay, I’m going to give loving honesty here: if you’re too busy to take care of yourself, what can you realistically, long-term offer to anyone else? Let’s make it work; you won’t be sorry!

  • I’m technologically inept, can you help me make this work? OF COURSE! I too feel like a luddite sometime, but the learning curve is generous here. We will work through it step by step. Also, that’s why I ask for your contact info when you sign up, so I can reach you if we run into a hurdle. 

  • How often can I contact you? Send me messages whenever you want! Format options include text messages, voice message, video, attachment, and GIF. Use the method that works best for you at any given time. You can expect a response within a few hours, between the hours of 10am-10pm EST.


  • First month trial for $24  

  • One year membership subscription: $30 per month

  • one year membership paid up front: $300 (like getting 2 months free!)