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hanakyle by ED

Hi, I'm HanaKyle

say it: "Ha-nuh-ky-el"

My desire to contribute to the alleviation of suffering of others led me to become a massage therapist and yoga therapist. My childhood was profoundly impacted when my father was diagnosed with chronic progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Well-acquainted with the suffering and challenges of chronic illness, I sought out healing practices for myself as I came into my own, including massage, yoga, and meditation. Over 10 years later, I love my chosen profession more than ever! My active engagement in NYC life enables me to connect with all kinds of folks along a wide spectrum of backgrounds and life experiences. My own favorite activities include: cooking and eating locally and creatively, cycling (city + touring), strength training, dancing, especially in the vicinity of brass bands, and last but certainly not least, joyful travel + adventures! Most of my photos are taken by the inimitable Zachary Schulman. You're invited to catch up with me on the daily on my Instagram!

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